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A Season of Gifts

By Pastor David Gifts are interesting things. They are wonderful to receive, more wonderful to give and sometimes hard to figure out just exactly what they should be. Nothing better than a difficult person to shop for! However the gift I want to speak to isn’t something that is bought or sold. Not something that…


A Letter From Pastor Ted

Dear precious Church Family, As we celebrate the glorious birth of our Savior, we give Him praise for all His gifts of wonderful and eternal family in Christ, which we have found in each of you!  We truly love you and we’re so thankful for your many acts of love and care during these months…



By Pastor Will I always look forward to this time of year, not necessarily all of the business, commercialism, and fantasy but because of the natural processes that take place. Winter is a time when life slows down, plants go dormant, animals hibernate and the days get shorter. It is during this season that I…


Southside Update

By Pastor Jeffry The last year at Southside has been absolutely amazing!!!! I’m not sure where to even begin. I have done a lot of ministries in my life and all have been awesome in one way or another. The Southside has tapped into the depths of my soul and brought out a deep sense…


Deacon’s Fund – The Bridge

By Pastor Jennifer Each week, I am privileged to hear the stories of our community and church family in need. My goal is to offer my heart and, when appropriate, our Church Family’s resources, to any individual or family who will accept it. We want to help people understand and be empowered to steward their…


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