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Knowing The Shepherd

Some time ago I committed to memory the 23rd Psalm, and of recent weeks amidst “a trial of my faith” I have been quoting it out loud as I go to the Lord in prayer.  This Psalm penned by David, the “shepherd king” is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and well known portions of…


The Camp Experience

Recently I had the privilege of taking 14 children to camp for 4 days of incredible fun. Camp is always an interesting time that is filled with mixed emotions. I remember my first time at summer camp. I was 11 and had just finished my 6th grade year. My older brother had been to camp,…



The past few weeks we have been discussing roots, the things that creep into our lives and take a strong hold in our hearts. We have walked down some difficult roads. Dealing with offense in our lives, are we the offender or the offended? Talking about fears that can bind us and hold us captive….


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