The Joy of Christmas

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Coming in to this Christmas season I was hesitant in setting too high of expectations for what the holidays would bring. I knew that there would be the traditional ham and turkey, I even knew we would journey out to the woods to cut the perfect Christmas tree, what I wasn’t sure about was what the Christmas season would FEEL like.

I remember as a child the Joy and expectation of the holidays. There was a feeling similar to that of pregnancy. There is hope, excitement, longing, and even joy for what is to come. Not just Christmas morning, but everything leading up to, and through the month of December. There is the smell and warmth of a fire in the fireplace, making Christmas cookies, Christmas music, snow, lights, productions, etc… All of it was magical.

Now I am an adult and there are days where the fire is a chore, the cookies create a mess, the music is mundane, the snow is annoying, the lights are dangerous and the productions are…well trying. This is why I was hesitant in the events of this month, all the work, additional time and energy put into one day. I knew this wasn’t what my attitude should be, wasn’t sure why, but I had an idea of how to change it.

I began asking God why Christmas had become a chore. His answer; because I had lost focus on the reason why. The lights, decorations, cookies, they aren’t for me, my wife or my kids. They are for Jesus. The pregnant feeling was that of the expectation of our coming Savior. Now we know how the story ends, with his crucifixion, but that only makes Christmas morning even more meaningful. Our Savior came to restore relationship between us and God, which is better than any gift we can ever give on Christmas morning.

I realized maybe I should accept the gift that the Lord gave to me. The gift of God being active and alive, working in my life. So I began to ask God for those very things that I had lost. Joy, hope, love, peace, childlike faith. And just as we read time and time again in Scripture, God proved himself faithful, he has freely given those very things that I thought were lost forever to me in abundance. If you are like me, I encourage you to ask, not Santa, but God, and he will freely give all of himself to you! May you have a Christ filled holiday season, and may you be filled with an abundance of Joy, Peace, Hope, and Love.


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