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It’s difficult to put Southside into words. As I think about the past few years I am overwhelmed by God’s grace and provision. Seeing the countless lives that He has rescued and have set free from addiction and emotional bondage is a testament to our Lord’s wonderful love and compassion for His kids.

We started Sunday Church at Southside last September with a few goals in mind. First and foremost, we wanted to glorify God above all, second we wanted to be true to the gospel and teach scripture in a tangible and relevant way. We have been building a solid worship team and have a core group of leaders rotating in to teach.

Speaking of leaders, they are “all in” and fully committed to reaching the lost in our community. We all believe that God can save and set free every addict in our town. I am blown away by their level of involvement, passion and heart! Our team understands community, grace and the importance of unity and investing in lives. I am truly humbled to be a part of this group.

Our Celebrate Recovery ministry is really starting to pick up momentum. Our leaders are all home grown Southsiders, they came to Southside and found hope, freedom and joy through Christ. I sit back and watch how the Holy Spirit is leading them to reach the broken.

Our Friday night Southside meeting hasn’t missed a step. It is a time for us to eat together, fellowship and hear message’s that will challenge and encourage us to look at our lives and allow God to come in and put the broken pieces back together. We have invited a ton of pastors from our community to come in and speak, it has truly been a blessing.

One of main focuses for this next season is discipleship. We have a fantastic group of people who have called Southside home. We are excited to dive deeper into God’s truth with them and walk life out together.

Other ministries happening at Southside are the Southside’s kid’s ministry, the Landing (high school ministry) and women’s ministry.  They are all doing great! We are dreaming about what comes next at Southside.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. So many people bring desserts, bring dinners and encouragement to Southside. Domino’s has been a huge blessing to our high school group donating pizzas every week (Thanks Jesse).

I am overwhelmed by the love and encouragement from so many Pastors and churches in our community along with different non-profit groups. We have watched God bring different groups together for the common goal of helping people. We are honored that Southside is a part of that.

Finally, to our Faith Center (the mothership) family, thank you for allowing us to dream, love and reach our community with the gospel of Christ. Without you Southside wouldn’t exist, my heart is full…


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