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We have been doing a lot of remodel work on our house this summer and have been learning a great deal along the way. I am understanding better how our home is interconnected. Framing, drywall, wiring, flooring, all part of a whole. In some ways it’s awesome, in others I wish it was connected better!

Connection is important! This fall there are great options to grow in connection here at Faith Center. Our Multiplied Home Groups are a key way of growing in relationship with others and in our relationship with the Lord. I encourage you to be part of a home group here and grow through those gathered times. Sign ups will begin mid-September.

Our Women’s Ministries has a retreat planned October 13-15 for all our Faith Center ladies. What a perfect way for women to connect with other women this fall! You can sign up in the office anytime through October 1. God has a great season in front of us and it is the perfect time to Gather, Grow and Go through a small group connection.

Pastor David

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