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Southside just celebrated our 4th year in existence. I was sitting around with some of our leaders reminiscing about how Southside began. I remember God speaking to me a very simple phrase “love the broken.” He said “get a building downtown, open the doors, drug addicts are going to walk through and you’re going to do stuff). He also put a very deep and powerful desire in our hearts that every drug addict in our community can be clean and saved!

I have been overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of love and sense of community happening at our downtown campus. God has challenged us to not only get rooted in His truth but to make disciples. Unity is running through every vain at Southside. We have watched God bring hope, freedom and grace in so many areas and lives.

Our leadership team is clicking on all cylinders and we are watching God captivate and save those He is bringing through the doors. He has led us to engage culture on cultures turf, meaning we must go out in our community where the people are bringing the good news of Jesus Christ.

We live in a day and age where hope has been lost. It is sometimes difficult to engage culture because we get frustrated or mad at the things we see and hear either on television, social media or walking through Walmart.

I believe God is challenging us who know Christ to rise up! We must put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10) and engage in the spiritual war! We must be people who are willing to climb into the gutter and battle the darkness for Gods glory. We have to encounter this world with love and recognize we do not battle against flesh and blood but the powers and principalities of darkness.

Thank you for your continued support and love for Southside. I encourage you to stop by sometime and see the incredible work God is doing! I will give you a word of caution! Be careful because the moment you walk in the doors and start meeting the Southsiders you will fall in love with them and not want to leave.


In His Grip

Pastor Jeffry

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