Extending Our Tent Pegs

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This last year has been an incredible picture of the faithfulness of God and his amazing provision. We have been on a journey over the last few years of “extending the tent pegs”of our church. Here is what that has looked like:


  • Purchasing our Southside building last September for $103,000. We will be paying that off this month.
  • Having God shut the door on a potential building expansion only to open the door to a new one.
  • Entering in to purchasing the “Skip Line” building next door for $185,000. Our offer has been accepted and we are moving forward with all the paperwork. We will be able to pay cash for this buildings purchase out of our building fund! This building will eventually house our youth ministries, some office space, (allowing us more usage of our current church building) AND another access to our parking lot from D street.
  • We are moving forward with plans for expanding our current church building by extending out the walls of our sanctuary and large back classroom to the back of our property. This will enable us to house those currently coming to our services as well as make room for those yet to come, provide a designated “Children’s Church” space, storage, larger nursery and bigger foyer. Our denomination has informed us that the money we are using to pay off our loan on Southside and purchase the property next to us can count as our down payment on the loan we will be seeking for the building expansion! Meaning, we are moving forward with our church expansion full speed.


This is an exciting season of growth and provision in the life of this church! Please continue to pray as we move forward with all God has in this next season. We will be taking some time in the new year to talk more about the details of our church expansion and how we can all partner in making that a reality!


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