24 Hours of Prayer

Join us on April 14-15 for 24 Hours of Prayer! We would love for you to come down and spend some time with Jesus this Easter! Set aside 1 hour during that 24 hour period and seek after Him! Sign up in the office for your time slot.

Easter Services

Join us for Easter Services on April 15th and April 16th! Saturday service is at 6:00 pm. Sunday services are at 8:30 am and 10:30 am Each of us is invited to a living relationship with Jesus. Come join us on Easter Sunday to hear more about this Jesus who is very much ALIVE!


Our Story

“Once upon a time…” This phrase has always carried with it the promise of a story to come. Whether it was a comedy, tragedy or somewhere in between; these words fire our expectation and excitement of what lies before us.

Everyone has a once upon a time. Everyone has a story. Each story is different and filled with events, tragedies and victories. Each story has a beginning and will have an end. However the beauty of the story we are living is that we can look back on earlier chapters and see how each page is being written today.


One of the most beautiful and powerful things in our lives is when our story encounters God’s story! A transformation takes place and our story is no longer ours but God’s in us. This is a story worth telling.

One of the best and easiest ways to share Christ in this world is to share our stories with others. Who we were, who we are and who we are becoming. Sharing about when our story became God’s story. We give a lot of life away when we give our stories away.


This month we are going to be hearing stories of some from our own family here. They will be sharing/giving us their story. I am so excited to hear what God will show us as we spend this month hearing “Our Stories.”


“Once upon a time….”


Pastor David


Staring March 5th, our Wednesday high school group is moving to a Sunday evening service called The WKND! Our mission is to host high school age students and give them an opportunity to experience a personal and passionate relationship with Jesus, engaging in the adventure God has called us to. We will do this through spirit filled worship, digging into the word in a powerful and relevant way, and enjoying time of fellowship with peers and mentors. Doors open at 5:30 and service is from 6-7. If you are or know a high school student, invite them to join in the launch of this service. Please be in prayer as our team of leaders look to hear God’s voice and usher in a new ministry for high school age students across the valley. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Cameron.

Annual Membership Meeting

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 10.12.48 AMEveryone is invited to the Annual Membership Meeting Sunday, February 12 @ 12:00 pm. Come for lunch and hear of the faithfulness of God through salvations and baptisms, attendance and the financial status of our church. Get up to date on where we are on the Building Expansion and the Southside Building. We will ratify new church council members and pray over the upcoming year.

Foundations: A Look at Four Key Building Blocks of the Christian Faith

If you are newer to walking with Jesus or would like to examine Faith in Christ, this class is for you.

It will be offered simultaneously with our 8:30 am service in Room 5. Space is limited so sign up

today. Classes begin Sunday morning February 5th.

February 5th The Word of God: The Truth of God’s Eternal Word

February 12th Just Give Me Jesus: Why Jesus is the Only Way

February 19th Something is Wrong, But God Has Made a Way: What is sin and how God deals with it

February 26th The Powerful Presence of God Today: The Work and Presence of the Holy Spirit


The future is upon us! It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating the transition of 2015 to 16 and the idea of 2017 seem like an unfathomably distant future. And then life FCYM Winter 2017happened, and here we are. The year 2016 held many incredible memories for the youth in Faith Center Youth Ministries as well as for the leaders along side them. We want to celebrate all that the Lord has done for us, while excitedly and faithfully following as He leads us into tomorrow, lockstep with our loving Father.  We have some incredibly exciting happenings set before us in the upcoming months, all centered around God’s calling to gather, grow, go. We have our weekly meetings of small groups and youth groups.

Young Ladies and Young Mens Small groups happen on Monday evenings. Each group is open for all middle and high school age youth. Young ladies meet at Faith Center from 7-8pm and is lead by Kendra Crosswhite and Becca Butler.

Young mens small group meets at Faith Center from 5:30-7pm and is lead by Joe Brown,  Zach Hall, and Pastor Cameron Hefner. Each meeting is designed with the desire to see young people know their God more, know their mentors more, know their peers more, and have a whole lot of fun doing so.

Middle School Youth Group meets on Tuesday from 6:30-8pm and is lead by Becca Butler, Kendra Crosswhite, Amber Schlegel, Ron Califf, Joe Brown, Micheal Shipman, and Pastor Cameron Hefner. High School Youth Group currently meets Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm and is lead by Becca Butler, Kendra Crosswhite, Joe Brown, Zach Hall, and Pastor Cameron Hefner.

Please be praying for these teams of leaders as they seek out to share and reflect the love of the Father and be vessels of His truth and compassion for our youth. If you wish to join these teams, and we are always looking for more people to serve and mentor, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Cameron.

We have a few special events coming up in the next few months, one being a middle school all night event in February so stay tuned in to the bulletin and the website for more information to come!

The next event, however, is a high school ski/snowboard trip to Anthony Lakes on Saturday, January 21st. The cost is $5 for transportation plus your lift ticket, any gear rentals, and a lunch unless you pack your own (Cup of Noodle for the win)! Registration deadline is January 18th and forms can be found in the main office or on the Youth Ministries Page on the website. If you have any questions about upcoming events, or would like to be involved in Faith Center Youth Ministries (FCYM), please contact Pastor Cameron at 541-963-8063 or leave us an email:

expectgreatthingsWe have watched as this last year unfolded with so much change and turmoil. We saw our nation torn by racial divides and hatred. We have seen nations destroyed by war and people fleeing their homes seeking safety in other countries. We have witnessed our country polarized as we headed to the polls to decide on our next leader. So what does 2017 hold for us?




No, I’m not prophesying that all will suddenly be well in our country or world. I’m not inferring that we will see a cessation of difficulty. What i am speaking of is the great things God desires to do in us and through us. The great work that God is doing and will continue to do in each of us. Here’s three things to grab a hold of today and in this new year:


  • Listen Intently. There is no shortcut to making time to listen intently to the voice of the Lord as he speaks life and direction.


  • Engage Boldly. This is not a season to be timid in our living for Christ. Listening intently allows us to step out boldly not in our ideas but in his direction.


  • Love Lavishly. Do not be stingy in giving away the love, forgiveness and grace that has been so lavishly heaped on us by our Heavenly Father. Let those around you experience the fruit of a life loved by God!


I am excited about all that God has for us over this next season. Not because of what I see in our world but because of a certainty in His faithfulness!

Join us at 5:30 pm or 7:00 pm to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus! Bring the family, your neighbor, or a friend and worship this Christmas.

No Services Christmas Day

This year we will not be having church services on Christmas day here at Faith Center. This decision comes not out of tradition or expedience but out of a heart to set aside time to connect with our families on Christmas Day. I encourage you to attend one of our Christmas Eve services on the 24th and then take time to pray together, read the Christmas story as a family and enjoy time together. Merry Christmas!