I would like to file a police report today. I’ve had something stolen. Something valuable that I can’t live without has been taken from me. It was a gift given to me by my father a long time ago and it’s gone. When was it taken, you ask? Well, that’s the problem you see. The thief didn’t take it all at once. In fact, and I know this will sound crazy, I just noticed today that it’s gone. When did I last have it? That’s the funny thing, I can’t remember. I know it was here, just yesterday or last week or maybe last month. But I know its been stolen and I want that thief brought to justice! Can I describe the lost item? Sure. I think. It was a gift; I said that already I know, but the best gift. It was something that matched everything I ever wore. I know that it was perfect to bring into every situation. I took it to school and the store. It was perfect for those fancy occasions and for casual days. When I walked, drove or worked out I always had it with me. Have I filed a claim with my insurance? Not yet, do you think I should? Do I have something to replace it in the meantime? The problem is yes and at the same time NO. I know I have lost it but I’m forgetting what life is like with it. I have tried to replace it but have finally given up. How I am getting by without it? Well, not sure I am very well. But you know what they say, ‘life goes on” and I am getting by. No, I have not looked on Amazon for a replacement. Two day shipping is great but not in this case. What? Oh, yeah that’s a good question, probably should have said that right off the bat. The item missing is joy. I had it not so long ago but like I said, it’s been stolen. Or wait; maybe I gave it away in that yard sale last year? Or misplaced it in that rats nest of an attic under all of the boxes and weight of yesterday’s stuff? Darn, maybe I don’t need to file a report after all? Sorry for taking your time sir, I’ll keep looking. Goodbye.


This season of Thanksgiving may find you in the middle of the fictional narrative above. Circumstance, failure, outside pressures and a very real enemy can destroy our joy. DO NOT GIVE UP! The joy of the Lord is not about our circumstance but about his faithfulness. If your joy has grown dim or quiet look to the Lord this season. Begin with thanksgiving and praise. It is a choice, yes, and as we focus on him in worship we will find joy that goes above and beyond anything we can imagine! May this Thanksgiving season be one filled to overflowing with the joy of the Lord!


Pastor David

Parent’s Night Out!

This month we will be offering a Parent’s Night Out on November 18th from 5:30-8:30. We will provide a fun night for the kiddos and you get to have a date night with your sweetheart!

One Hand in the Gutter, One Hand Stretched to the Sky

You maybe asking yourself what does that mean? One hand in the gutter, one hand stretched to the sky. We constantly have conversations with people who feel like they are in the gutter, they have made choices in their life that has caused them to feel unacceptable by culture, unlovely, worthless and that no one cares if they live or die. They struggle in their addictions and for most have lost everything, especially hope. When we spend a lifetime chasing something that we know will destroy us everything else becomes secondary until we hit rock bottom, even then at times we continue to find a new low. We can lose our jobs, kids, homes, self worth and again hope. Reaching from the depths of despair up to the sky asking Jesus to pull us up out of the gutter is the cry of our hearts. When we’ve tried everything under the sun finding out none of it works Jesus is there with open arms. What a beautiful picture, God rescuing His kids. Of course we would all hope before we get to that point we would reach for our Father in heaven, its not always the case unfortunately. Southside has become that place where people can reach for the sky.

We are starting Sunday Church at Southside. We have done one service a month to see if that is what God desires from us. This past Sunday night was a beautiful picture of Gods love. The room was full of people struggling, some knew Jesus as their Savior but some didn’t. At one point during worship I looked out and saw every hand raised, tears streaming down faces and Jesus captivating the room. I have never experienced a moment like that in my life. Hopeless people finding hope and not being able to explain what was happening in their hearts, it was beautiful. All of our leaders were in tears J. They didn’t know the songs and didn’t know how to respond other than lifting their hands to the sky.

I watched people completely surrender to God. It was raw and so real; I’m finding it hard to truly explain what went on. All I know is God melted our hearts and drew us to a place of total peace and took us to a place where we’ve never been before.

Thank you all for your prayers, support and love for Southside. God is doing amazing things downtown!


Pastor Jeffry


adoptateacherwebsiteMost people understand the heart and soul teachers put into their work. What’s more, we know that teachers are often on the “front lines” providing support when students are confronted with struggles and crisis. Have you ever wondered how you could bless a teacher? Starting in January, we want to stand alongside public and private school teachers with Adopt-A-Teacher (AAT). With AAT, you can be the person who provides a kind word, a compliment, or a small token of encouragement to a specific teacher. Whether you have a specific teacher in mind, or you want to be matched with a teacher, we would love you to join with us in this new outreach.


If you want to be an encourager OR if you are a classroom teacher who would like to have an encourager please send us an email and let us know!


“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” – Acts 2:42-47


The beauty of what God was doing in the early church of Acts was bringing them together as a community of believers. They ate together, met in homes and in public, shared needs and did life together. Connecting with others believers in a small group setting is imperative for health and growth in our walk with the Lord. I encourage you this fall to plug into a Multiplied Home Group, Men’s Small Group, College Group, or Women’s Group to go deeper in relationship and grow in community. Stay tuned for more opportunities to grow big in a small group setting!

Pastor David

EOU Tailgate Party!

It is that time of year again when the leaves change color, the morning air is tinged with a hint of coming frost and EOU Homecoming is upon us! Our annual Tailgate Party is all about being in the middle of our community, of our college campus, to love, support, feed people and shine the light of Jesus! This outreach on October 22nd is an opportunity for the church to engage our culture at a central point of life in this community, the EOU campus! Come help set up, flip burgers, grill onions, bake cookies and love on others in our community! Sign up to serve today!


Multiplied Home Groups!

multiplied-small-groupsMultiplied Home Groups will be starting up in October! Small groups of people will meet weekly in homes to gather, grow, and go together as a family! If you desire to go deeper in your walk with Jesus or to connect with others at Faith Center, Multiplied Home Groups will be perfect for you! Sign up sheets are available in the office. Spots are limited so sign up today! If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please send us an email!

Church Picnic at Camp Elkanah

Our Annual Church Picnic, Sunday, August 21st, is a great time to gather together for Worship, Food, and Fun! Worship services will not be held in La Grande, instead please join us up at Camp Elkanah at 10:30 am for Worship service and plan to stay for the afternoon! At 11:30 am we will have a huge potluck. Please bring 2 large dishes to share. After lunch, we will be having baptisms in the river. If you are interested in being baptized, please contact Pastor David for more information. After the baptisms, we will enjoy all that Camp Elkanah has to offer: giant water slide, mini-golf, game room, volleyball, or just sit in the shade and visit with each other! Questions? Contact Candis at

If you are interested in being baptized up at camp in the river, please contact Pastor David.

What to Bring:


Lawn Chairs and 2 Large Dishes to share


10:30 am        Worship

11:30 am        Potluck Picnic

1:00 pm          Baptisms in the River

1:30 pm          Giant Water Slide, Game Room, Mini-Golf, Volleyball, Playground, or Sitting in the shade and visiting with friends!

Directions to Camp Elkanah:

  1. 1.    Take the I-84 W ramp
  2. 2.    Merge onto I-84 for 5.9 miles
  3. 3.    Take exit 252 for OR-244 toward Ukiah
  4. 4.    Merge onto 5 Point Creek Road
  5. 5.    Continue onto OR-244 W/Hilgard Hwy. Continue to follow OR-244 W for 16.8 miles and your destination will be on the right.

It should take you about 20-30 minutes to get up there. Grab some friends and carpool up!

Southside of Heaven

211 Fir Street in La Grande

 Vision: Love the Broken

Mission: Love unconditionally. Engage culture on culture’s turf. Have a sense of community and belonging. A safe place to encounter God. Teach and live truth. Create an atmosphere of Grace. A place of new beginnings.

Southside Perspective: There are two things that we all desire: to be loved and to be accepted for who we are. Sometimes life punches us in the face and knocks us down. We have to make a choice at that point to either stay down, or get back up and move forward. One of the goals at Southside is to discover our identity in God, understanding that our identity is not determined by our past failures or success. We have just enough willpower to change a few behaviors, but not enough to completely change the direction of our lives. Finding Foundation in God and allowing Him in to work will bring the change we so desire and need. Southside is about being community. Living life out together; encouraging each other in truth. Together we build an atmosphere of grace and a place of new beginnings.


Building Expansion

pushpayappThe expansion process of adding a new sanctuary, foyer space and classrooms has begun! We are excited to share what is happening, where we are going and how we all can be involved.


  • We are currently in the design phase with PKA Architects out of Portland. We have a general plan for overall view and are continuing work on a 3d rendering.
  • You will see some minor disturbance to the parking lot out front in the weeks to come as we work to get soil samples to test for our upcoming structure.
  • The building fund has been established and we are seeing finances begin to flow in as we move towards our goal of $600,000.


As we continue with this process I am asking that we would seek the Lord for his provision, wisdom and direction for this new adventure! I would also ask that we would each pray about how the Lord would lead us to partner financially in our new building. You can give with check or cash in the office or during offering and mark “building fund” in the memo line or on the giving envelope. You can also sign up for our online giving option by texting lg4square to 77977 or go to and click on GIVE.


The least expensive way for the church, with online giving, is to give directly from your bank account but you can give through debit or credit cards as well.


This type of expansion requires all of us to work together to see this vision become reality, both in prayer and financial support. This new building is for way more than just housing our current numbers. This new space gives us room to expand and grow as more people come into God’s kingdom! Currently we are averaging around 550 during our three Sunday morning services. Our current sanctuary seats approximately 230 people right now. The new sanctuary we are looking to build will seat right around 388-400 people. This will allow us to move to two services with room to grow! It also allows for utilization of our current sanctuary for our Youth, Children’s Ministry and as a multi purpose meeting room.

I am excited to see all God has for us as a family here at Faith Center to follow him into this new season in front of us!