Loving our community – Ongoing Local Outreach 

Loaves and Fishes


We partner with the local school district and the community to provide food every weekend during the school year, for Unaccompanied Middle School and High School students.  Each week during the school year we pack bags with the food donated and deliver them to the schools.

Many of these students may not have access to kitchens, so the items on the grocery lists are selected for ease in preparation. They may also not have a place to store food, so the size listed is very important (please no bulk sizes). If you can donate any items on the list it would be greatly appreciated! If you would rather donate financially to this ministry, please write ‘Loaves and Fishes’ on the memo line of your check.

Loaves and Fishes Shopping List

Canned Chicken
Canned Ravioli
Canned Spaghetti and Meatballs
Canned Tuna
Mac and Cheese
One dish Microwaveable Meals
Graham Crackers

Individually Wrapped Snack Crackers
18 oz Peanut Butter
18 oz Jelly
Cereal Bars
Individually Wrapped Oatmeal Packets
Juice boxes/Capri Sun
Fruit Cups
Jello/Pudding Cups
Fruit Roll ups/Fruit Snacks
Trail Mix/Granola Bars

The Bridge



The Bridge offers long term financial council, spiritual and emotional support and connection with local resources. We would love to meet, listen, and help you build a plan. Call Faith Center to make an appointment.





Home 2 Home

gohomeThis is a clearinghouse for home items, in excellent condition, that are no longer needed.  They are housed locally at Thunder RV. These items are then given freely to church family or people in the community.



Loving our Community – Annual Local Outreach

EOU Tailgate Party


Come Homecoming for Eastern Oregon University, we love to get out there and provide a barbeque! This is a fun time of food, fellowship, and football!






Harvest Party








If your child doesn’t come out of this party without a gigantic bag a candy, soda, and a happy heart then we haven’t done our job! Games, games and more games! This is a fun time to get together as a community!





Contact Pastor Jeffry for more info on how YOU can jump in and help out!