211 Fir Street in La Grande

Fridays @ 7:30 pm

Vision: Love the Broken

Mission: Love unconditionally. Engage culture on culture’s turf. Have a sense of community and belonging. A safe place to encounter God. Teach and live truth. Create an atmosphere of Grace. A place of new beginnings.

Southside Perspective: There are two things that we all desire: to be loved and to be accepted for who we are. Sometimes life punches us in the face and knocks us down. We have to make a choice at that point to either stay down, or get back up and move forward. One of the goals at Southside is to discover our identity in God, understanding that our identity is not determined by our past failures or success. We have just enough willpower to change a few behaviors, but not enough to completely change the direction of our lives. Finding Foundation in God and allowing Him in to work will bring the change we so desire and need. Southside is about being community. Living life out together; encouraging each other in truth. Together we build an atmosphere of grace and a place of new beginnings.