As a very little girl I remember drawing pictures of my Jesus holding me, and the amazing thing is that through all my faults, God holds me still. When he says he will never leave you or forsake you, he means it! The challenge of listening for his voice and following where he leads, brings blessing and my life can attest to that.

I am honored to walk through this life with my best friend Mike, my adventurous, intense, and smarty pants of a husband who loves to get fired up about the word of God, engines, and technology. God has blessed us with three kids, all very different from one another and gifted by the Lord in unique ways. We love the challenge of building each one up in their gifts and cheering each other on. The five of us love to go adventuring, watch movies, and spend time with our extended family.

When I am not at Faith Center working with my brothers (and dodging their Nerf bullets) or driving my kids around in my taxi/suburban, I love to paint! God and I spend some quality time with the pencil and paint brush. I love to worship God through painting and am blessed to get to share the images he helps me to create with others around me.