My life with Jesus began at a young age, growing in my personal relationship with Him through youth group and Campus Life in Hermiston, Oregon,. As I grew up I was constantly challenged to live a life for Christ or for this world, unfortunately not always making the right decision but His grace is always more than enough. It was Gods grace and direction that lead me to La Grande.

While on a mission trip to Mexico in high school, I realized my passion for children while serving at an orphanage. My thought was, the Lord has given me a passion for youth, I know, I will be a teacher! In 2006 I came to Eastern Oregon University already making plans to leave La Grande with a teaching job in some big city in the Northwest. While attending EOU I began serving at Faith Center’s Youth Group in 2008 and got involved in college group. It is here I met my beautiful, driven, and passionate wife and best friend. I graduated EOU in 2010 and received my teaching license, and Bekah and I were married in 2011.

While attending EOU I was constantly reminded that The Lord had a plan before me, and my role in this plan was to embrace the adventure and not get ahead of Him. After graduating, the natural thought was to get a teaching job as soon as possible. However the Lord very clearly spoke to me, showing me that His plan was greater than I could have ever imagined. It was as if I had just stumbled through the wardrobe into Narnia when the Lord revealed to me,”You’re a youth Pastor!” It was a sudden moment of clarity where the adventures behind me suddenly lined up with my path before me. He then proceeded to blow my mind as His perfect plan and perfect timing fell right into place. I stepped into the role of Faith Center’s youth pastor just a month after being married.

Bekah and I live a life centered around family, so it is no wonder why the Lord led us to  a church that is so family oriented. Our love of adventure has melded perfectly with the youth of this community. We love to play cards and board games, and spend our time outside in whatever weather Eastern Oregon can throw at us, snowboarding, camping, Frisbee, etc. I can be found any spring/summer day riding around on my trusted scooter, “Sasha”, that will hopefully one day transform itself into a real motorcycle. I am admittedly a media junky and have way to much space on my many media devices filled with music and movies.  I love sports, to watch and to play. I am the proud owner of too many Fantasy Football teams. However, I am sure you will be happy to know I was recently crowned champion of the league in which I played against Pastor Jeffry. I am a nerd for all things Star Wars and super hero related. My passion is contagious and I often scare my wife with sudden bursts of excitement and obsession of the smallest most random things. Fortunately the Lord has shown me how to use these powers for good. And the adventure continues!